A Sample Form

In response to the requests, here’s a screenshot of a form that I built yesterday. The content of the form has been borrowed from a popular computer manufacturer’s website. I hope they do not object, but I wanted a practical example :)

Computer Configuration Form

Here’s what the request looks like when it is stored in the incident:

View the incident

3 Responses to “A Sample Form”

  1. Rob says:

    Janjira, That is a terrific example! One question, I see the Approval Status is Requested. What controls can be used to allow the manager to approve the request, even if the manager is not a “Worker” in the HelpDesk?


  2. Jee says:

    Hi Rob,

    Thank you for your kind words :)

    The way I see it the most logical approach is to set up an automation rule which is triggered by the creation of this incident. The rule would create a child incident with the contact set to the manager. The manager would receive an email with a link which would then show him an approval form built with the same template as the request form.

    Using this form, the manager could either approve or deny the request and provide his reasons. The form would close the approval incident and trigger an automation rule to cause the original request to either proceed or be rejected. The manager would thus have a permanent record in his Helpdesk console of all of the requests made and which ones he approved/denied.

    There are some alternative approaches. One is to change the contact on the request to the manager until the request is approved or denied and then pass it back to the person who made the request, but I do not think this is a valid approach.

    The other possibility is to use worker impersonation. I will need to provide an alternate version of the Service Request template to enable you to create forms which do this, but you may prefer this approach to the original one I suggested. The approval status and the contact name of the person who approved the request would be stored with the data in the incident.

    I hope this makes sense. I guess the best thing to do is show how to write the rules which do this along with a sample approval form built with the Service Request template.


  3. Rob says:


    I LOVE the child ticket idea! I had not thought about this approach, but now that you say it, it makes perfect sense! I’m going to try this first tihng Monday.

    Any word on a contact lookup field? I’d really like to be able to have an admin assistant submit a ticket for someone else, and like I said, I’m willing to pay for the mod!



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