Service Request Form Template

Introducing the new Service Request Form Template

Simply add this template to your Altiris Helpdesk installation and in minutes you will be creating your own custom input forms. It has been designed to work expressly with the new Service Catalog included in Helpdesk 6 SP5. No programming is required. Forms are built entirely using the familiar tools already present in the Helpdesk Console and are fully compatible with all the Helpdesk Rules allowing you to easily validate the input data and integrate the forms into your workflow. Forms can also be added to existing incidents to collect specific data from the user.

This new template allows you to use the following controls in your forms:

  • labels
  • text boxes
  • text areas
  • contacts
  • dropdown lists
  • radio button lists
  • check boxes
  • attachments

Save yourself hours of work and effort by building robust custom forms for the Service Catalog in a fraction of the time required to write them in code.

Order your copy now – price US$100

Forms built using the Service Request Form Template

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